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Last year, Aspect asked the Autistic community what they would like people to know if they find out that a person is Autistic. This year, we want to create actionable change and have asked the Autistic community, what should people know, what can they do, or say to be helpful and supportive.

No two Autistic people are the same and autism may not be what you think it is. As you read about the stories, browse the resources and watch the videos, one message stands out…. be patient and kind, don’t judge. So, if you can only make one change, this simple accommodation is a good starting point, but we hope you’ll be encouraged to do more!

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Aspect has developed a range of very useful resources for individuals, schools, organisations, older Australians, sports clubs and the media. You can find out more about autism and what changes you can make to help support and understand Autistic people.

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