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What is World Autism Understanding Day?

In 2007, the United Nations declared 2 April a World Autism ‘Awareness’ Day to promote the human rights of Autistic people. However, the Autistic community and advocates have, for some time, called for the day to go beyond awareness to promote understanding and acceptance.

Three years ago, in partnership with the Autistic community, Aspect called on Australians to recognise 2 April as World Autism Understanding Day (WAUD). The ideas, words and concepts are chosen and co-developed by Autistic staff and our Autistic advisory committee.

Last year, we introduced If you find out I’m Autistic, I want you to know….. This year, the theme has been expanded to include things we can do or say to create a more supportive, inclusive and autism-friendly Australia.

If you find out I’m Autistic, I want you to… know, do, say.

We’re calling on all Australians to make small changes that will make a huge difference in the lives of people on the autism spectrum.

As you watch the videos, read their stories, listen to podcasts or download a fact sheet for more detailed information, think about what difference you can make. Their words give us an insight into the everyday challenges of Autistic people and encourage us all to be more understanding and accepting.



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