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As a media professional, you have the power to shape community attitudes and understanding of autism. Our team of Autistic advisors has compiled a list of ways you can challenge misrepresentations of Autistic people and play a role in amplifying authentic Autistic voices.

Encourage journalists to report on autism-related stories responsibly, avoiding sensationalism and stereotypes. Ensure that stories are accurate, respectful and well-researched.

Feature the voices and perspectives of Autistic individuals in media coverage. Allow them to share their experiences and insights directly to counteract misconceptions.

Create educational segments or programs dedicated to autism awareness and understanding. These can cover various aspects of autism, from early signs to challenges and successes.

Educate reporters and editors about the importance of using person-first language

Emphasise the idea that autism is a spectrum, and every individual is unique. Avoid generalisations and include representation from individuals of different ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities.

Promote fact-based reporting and debunk myths and misinformation about autism. Fact-check and consult with experts in the field to ensure accuracy.

Work closely with autism organisations to understand the needs of the community and incorporate their expertise into media coverage.

Highlight the accomplishments and successes of Autistic individuals in various fields, showing that autism does not define their potential.


Fact Sheets

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Autism-friendly reporting

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Autism friendly interviewing

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Reporting about autism

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Facts and figures - Media fact-sheet

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How to be autism friendly

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Supporting Autistic people who may want to disclose guide for non Autistic people

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Autism misconceptions

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What is autism?


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