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Together, we can create a better Australia.
An autism-friendly Australia.
And one that embraces inclusion for all types of disabilities.

Aspect Autism Friendly

At Aspect we believe we can be more inclusive of all disabilities simply by becoming more aware of the different and diverse ways each of us engages with our world. This understanding allows us to make small adjustments that recognise, and are inclusive of, those differences.

From A Business Peach

I'm from a business

Aspect’s autism-friendly team are dedicated to partnering with organisations to create environments which genuinely support and include Autistic people.

Intake process

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From art galleries to aquariums, find out more about autism-friendly events happening near you!

Case Studies

Autism Friendly and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard discreetly indicates to others that the wearer (or support person with them) has a hidden disability.

Organisations we have worked with

Participants attending Microsoft's ‘Autism Friendly Minecraft Build Challenge"


We partnered with the flagship Microsoft Store in Sydney to run a series of free autism-friendly Minecraft workshops for children aged 8 to 14 years. The workshops offer an accessible experience for children on the autism spectrum allowing them to explore, build and create.

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