Autism Spectrum Australia

Autism is often diagnosed at an early age. Work with us to prepare your young children for the next stage of their lives as they become a different brilliant.
Ours is the largest autism-specific education program in the world. Find out how to create the best opportunities during the school years to engage learners for life.
As young people on the autism spectrum grow up, they want different things. Young people and their families can develop skills to find new ways to be part of your community.
People with autism are a different brilliant. Each has their own life to lead. Discover how Aspect can help you achieve your goals through our wide range of flexible options.

Latest news

New campus for kids on the autism spectrum opens in Coffs Harbour

A new campus for primary school aged children on the autism spectrum has opened in Coffs Harbour, providing tailored learning for the particular needs of these students.

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Aspect practice

Sensory processing difficulties

The prevalence that sensory processing difficulties has among people on the autism spectrum is from 45 to 96%, according to Schaaf RC, Lane AE. To learn more about sensory processing difficulties, read our Aspect Practice focus newsletter.

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Events and Workshops

Aspect Practice Supporting Students with autism in Mainstream School Settings K - 6, Penrith 23 Mar 2018

23/03/2018 - 9:00am

A one day course for primary school teachers offering a comprehensive o

Aspect Practice ASD Assessment and Intervention Sydney 26 & 27 Mar 2018

26/03/2018 - 9:00am

Aspect Assessments is a specialist unit conducting comprehensive eviden

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