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Our school years can strongly influence who we are and our attitudes towards others. By adopting a neurodiversity-affirming approach at your school or university, you can grow a more understanding community that celebrates students’ strengths and interests and fosters an appreciation of others’ differences. Our resources can provide information to create an autism-positive learning environment.

Ensure that teachers and professors receive training in autism education and positive behaviour support strategies. This will help them better understand and address the needs of their Autistic students. Enquire here for a quote

Create sensory-friendly areas within the school where students can go if they become overwhelmed.

Establish peer support programs where neurotypical students are educated about autism and encouraged to assist Autistic classmates. This can reduce feelings of isolation and promote understanding.

Ensure that extracurricular activities, such as sports, arts, and clubs, are inclusive and open to all students, including those on the autism spectrum.

Allow students to take sensory breaks when needed. These breaks can help Autistic students regulate their sensory experiences and return to the classroom more focused.

To educate teachers, staff and students about autism. These online resources cover common topics, such as developing emotional regulation, sensory processing and developing play skills. Purchase here.

Foster a culture of acceptance and respect for neurodiversity within the school community. Encourage students to appreciate differences and discourage bullying or teasing.

Maintain open communication with parents or caregivers of Autistic students. Collaborate with them to ensure the child’s needs are met both at school and at home.

Create a space for parents/carers of neurodivergent children can meet and get together and form a community to support one another.

Aspect raises funds to support autistic students. By holding a morning tea amongst staff and/or students, you are providing an opportunity to promote inclusivity and diversity and learn more about autism, while raising funds for the autism community at the same time.

Gather your students and staff and support a child on the autism spectrum by committing to walk 70,000 steps during the month of May. Register here

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Fact Sheets

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What is autism?

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School refusal

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Tackling bullying

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Autism misconceptions

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Autism in girls and women

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Being an Autistic parent

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How to be autism friendly

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Autism disclosure - A guide for Autistic people

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Supporting Autistic people who may want to disclose guide for non Autistic people

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Autistic Burnout



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For context, both of my children and myself are Autistic with characteristics that present very differently from each other. My son is in a support unit at school, and most people would notice that he is Autistic upon meeting him, whereas for both my daughter and myself it’s not as obvious.
ACS St Albans VU
Autistic students are valuable members of the university community who deserve respect, support, and opportunities to thrive. 
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Emma Tomlinson – Singer/Songwriter and Autism Queensland Ambassador, writes a heartfelt blog about her experiences and perspective on autism.
Aspect ACS Altona Meadows at VU March 2023 51 Webiste
All students with a disability have the right to participate in education on the same basis as other students. If you are on the autism spectrum, that means having equal access to the higher education opportunities you aspire to, with the support and reasonable adjustments you might need.
How much technology are you near right now? Do you have a phone in your pocket, a smart watch on your wrist, a tablet or laptop computer in your bag? These days we are never far from technology.
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Aspect reviews the top children's books for parents and families or teachers to explore with their children.

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