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Our research informs the design of guides and programs that improve the lives of Autistic people.

Aspect Self-compassion Program for Autistic Adults (ASPAA)

Self-compassion is being kind and gentle to ourselves. Using the findings from our pioneering self-compassion research, we have worked with Autistic advisors to develop the Aspect Self-compassion Program for Autistic Adults (ASPAA). ASPAA is an online program designed to help Autistic adults build self-compassion skills, regulate emotions, and boost mental well-being.

There are two versions of ASPAA:

Autism disclosure guides

Autism disclosure is when you consider telling someone that you are Autistic. Using findings from our disclosure studies we have designed resource guides aimed at making the disclosure process more positive and successful for Autistic people navigating this process and to inform those who support them.

The Zones of Regulation teacher's guide

Our research gave us a better understanding of the feasibility and usefulness of The Zones of Regulation (The Zones) is autism-specific schools.

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