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Please note: Aspect’s waitlist for an autism assessment is currently less than 3 months. At this stage, we are taking names for the waitlist and notifying people if an earlier appointment becomes available.

Navigating all the available information about autism testing can be overwhelming, with numerous websites offering so-called 'quick ASD tests'. However, when it comes to a reliable and accurate diagnosis, it's crucial to turn to trusted autism specialists. Aspect provides expert assessments, distinguishing real signs from common misconceptions. Our approach is grounded in professional expertise, ensuring that your assessment is conducted with the utmost care and accuracy.

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Why pursue an autism assessment and diagnosis

A comprehensive assessment helps identify developmental difficulties and determine strategies and supports that will best assist someone to achieve their goals and reach their potential.

For children

Children diagnosed early can access services that will significantly improve their prospects for a meaningful life. An assessment provides teachers and schools with information that will allow them to more effectively support your child, and you will gain a better understanding of how your child processes the world. This can also help your child better understand themselves.

For adolescents and adults

Adolescents and adults - who may have disguised or compensated for their communication or other impairments prior to the diagnosis - can access supports that improve the quality of their social interactions, employment opportunities or ability to have meaningful relationships.

For individuals already diagnosed with autism

Our assessments can provide updated information about their strengths and challenges, and include recommendations to assist with support planning. Such an assessment can be useful at times of transition (e.g. when commencing primary school or high school or post-school planning) or to assist in applications for funding (e.g. NDIS, Disability Support Pension, school supports etc).

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