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Why become one of our corporate charity partners?

Autism is a part of daily life for around 1.38 million Australians. Your support can make a huge difference to their lives.

A corporate charity partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) shows your clients, consumers and staff members that you are committed to help us provide the best possible opportunities for people on the autism spectrum. Your support helps autistic people to realise their full potential and it also plays a significant role in assisting us to expand and meet the needs of the growing autism community.

Did you know that 70% of young people on the spectrum aren’t getting enough help to fulfil their lives and that a gift as small as $5,000 can already make a difference by offering sponsored places to children on the spectrum at our specialist schools, so that they don’t miss out on life-changing support?

Or that 58% of adults on the spectrum do not participate in the Australian labour force? By making your organisation autism friendly or by employing a person on the autism spectrum you can make a difference.

What are the benefits of a corporate charity partnership?

A corporate charity partnership can be invaluable for an organisation as it has a positive impact both on their staff and on the world around them.

When you choose a charity that many employees would find meaningful, your corporate partnership will improve employee satisfaction and staff engagement at all levels.

Charity partnerships are also great ways to network, as businesses connect and bond over supporting the same cause or organisation. Partnering with charities and non-profit organisations will also show your customers the causes your business cares about, and how you’re contributing to improving the welfare of others.

How can your organisation form a corporate partnership with Aspect?

Here are some of the ways you can get involved and form a corporate partnership with Aspect;

Support Aspect through Cause-Related Marketing

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and build positive brand awareness as a socially responsible organisation, enhance your connection with the community and appeal to a bigger market by aligning your marketing campaign with Aspect. Electing to donate a percentage of sales for specific products, overall sales or over a defined period is an easy and effective way to support people on the autism spectrum and to build positive brand awareness at the same time.

Become a Payroll Giving champion

Payroll giving is a convenient and easy way for your employees to make regular charitable donations from their pre-tax salary to support children and adults on the spectrum and their families. There is no need to collect receipts or wait until tax time for a refund and the donation amounts are totally flexible. A gift between $10 and $49 can already help provide speech therapy to a child on the autism spectrum to help develop their language skills. It doesn’t take much to make a difference.

To find out more, please download our Payroll Giving brochure.

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Have fun with charity fundraising

Fundraising at work is fun, simple and sociable. From morning teas to trivia nights or Melbourne Cup fancy dress parties: encouraging your team to fundraise for Aspect can motivate, develop personal and professional skills and help build supportive relationships for a great cause. And to make your fundraising efforts even more impactful match the contributions of your employees and make it the icing on the cake. Less than $1,000 already help to provide a family with vital specialist therapy to put supports in place at home and school.

Donate your skills or goods, not your money

Pro-bono and in-kind support are equally important to us as monetary donations. You can help us rolling out a project by providing your expert skills and knowledge or by donating in-kind goods that we would otherwise need to buy on commercial terms. Resources like iPads and computers for example are unmissable tools to help children on the autism spectrum to learn and communicate visually.

Get to know more about partnering with Aspect

If you would like to learn more about partnering with our organisation and supporting people on the autism spectrum through a more formalised partnership, we would love to hear from you.

Call our Philanthropy Team on 1800 288 476 or submit an enquiry below.