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Your organisation can be more than just a place to work. It can be a place where employees feel a sense of belonging and connectedness. People are happiest and most productive at work when they feel truly valued, respected and included. Learn more about create an inclusive workplace for Autistic people and people with other disabilities.

Foster an inclusive workplace or community that values diversity and accommodates the needs of Autistic individuals. This may include providing sensory-friendly spaces, flexible work arrangements, and a culture of acceptance. Enquire here for a quote

Offer autism awareness and sensitivity training to employees.

Work with Autistic employees or community members to identify and implement reasonable accommodations that can help them perform at their best. This might include adjustments to the physical workspace, changes in work schedules, or access to assistive technologies.

Embrace the concept of neurodiversity and recognise the unique strengths and talents that Autistic individuals bring to the table.

Create an environment where Autistic individuals feel comfortable discussing their needs and preferences. Encourage all employees to communicate openly and respectfully with their Autistic colleagues.

Aspect raises funds to support Autistic individuals and also to make venues and community centres more autism-friendly. By holding a morning tea, you are providing a safe space for Autistic people in the office to share their story and for colleagues to learn more about autism, while raising funds for the autism community at the same time.

Gather your colleagues and support someone on the autism spectrum by committing to walk 70,000 steps during the month of May. Register now.


Fact Sheets

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What is autism?

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Autism disclosure - A guide for Autistic people

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Supporting Autistic people who may want to disclose guide for non Autistic people

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Autism misconceptions

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How to be autism friendly

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Tackling bullying

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Autistic Burnout



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