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As part of Aspect’s current strategic plan, we are actively investing in the current and future needs of the autism community by updating and expanding the physical infrastructure of our schools.

Our ambitious growth strategy and capital works master plan includes three key areas of investment:

  • Building new schools where there is an immediate need for our services
  • Refurbishing and renovating several Aspect schools, to further develop best practice, autism-friendly spaces for our students
  • Expanding our partnership opportunities, to increase Aspect presence across government and non-government schools

This multi-phased approach will see Aspect invest an estimated $60 million in capital works over the next three-to-five years, creating more enrolment opportunities for students on the autism-spectrum and incorporating best practice, autism friendly spaces.

However, the long term success of this plan relies on the continued support of our community.

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Aspect has developed a successful, autism-specific satellite class model. Find out how your school can participate.
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