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    A message from our Principal

    Welcome to Aspect Vern Barnett School. We value each of our stakeholders within our community who help to make our school an open and collaborative environment for staff, families, students and supporters. At Aspect Vern Barnett School our students are celebrated for their strengths, interests and unique attributes.

    A strong partnership is fostered with parents and it is through open communication that decisions are made about school activities and specific interventions regarding a child’s individual program.

    Our teaching staff are dedicated to providing a stimulating curriculum whilst incorporating best evidence informed practice specific to autism. Programs are designed to motivate learning and engagement and each activity is differentiated to meet the student’s individual needs.

    Students are encouraged to be the best version of themselves. Our goal is ensuring we support each student to become as independent as possible with a vision to establish skills for positive quality of life. Aspect focuses on a person-centred approach that underpins everything we do at Aspect Vern Barnett School.

    We are proud of our school and the opportunities we provide for each enrolled student. Enrolment inquiries at primary school levels are welcome at any time. Our executive team will assist families in navigating this process. Aspect Vern Barnett does not currently host secondary school classes. Please direct enquiries for high school to: Aspect South East Sydney School or Aspect Western Sydney School

    Anna Brady

    Principal, Aspect Vern Barnett School

    Enrolment and Fees

    Enrolment & Fees

    Enrolling into an Aspect School is easy. See here for information on the process and our School fees and costs.

    Enrolment Information Sessions

    Enrolment Information Sessions are held regularly throughout the year. The Information Session is for families who want to know more about our education program and the enrolment process. For the schedule of information sessions, please contact the school on:

    Learning in the classroom
    Learning in the classroom 1/7
    New playground at Vern Barnett School
    New playground at Vern Barnett School 2/7
    Students playing in the sandpit
    Students playing in the sandpit 3/7
    Renovated playground at the main campus
    Renovated playground at the main campus 4/7
    Student reading with his teacher
    Student reading with his teacher 5/7
    The wonderful staff at Aspect Vern Barnett School
    The wonderful staff at Aspect Vern Barnett School 6/7
    New classrooms at Aspect Vern Barnett
    New classrooms at Aspect Vern Barnett 7/7

    We’ve upgraded our school!

    The Aspect Vern Barnett School was first built in 1971 and turned 50 years old in 2021, it was Aspect’s first autism-specific school and is of historical significance. Over the years there have been a number of small refurbishments and minor upgrades, however in 2020 we developed Aspect’s Capital Works Master Plan, Investing in Our Future, which is enabling us to undertake the most extensive renovations to the Vern Barnett School in its 50-year history.

    The scope of works for the refurbishment included increasing the number of classrooms to increase student numbers, creating new landscaped and sensory playgrounds and incorporating autism-specific design improvements to support sensory requirements in the classroom. Our school has now been transformed with fifteen state-of-the-art classrooms, sensory areas, playgrounds, and more, all designed for autism-specific needs.

    Thank you to all of our supporters who have contributed to turning our school into an amazing learning environment where students can be their true selves and feel supported. Every student who walks through our doors is ready to learn, play, and reach their full potential! Watch the video below showcasing Aspect Vern Barnett School's history, our wonderful students and our beautiful new campus.

    Vern Barnett New Playground
    Aspect Vern Barnett New Playground

    Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is proud to celebrate the more than 50-year history of the first purpose-built autism school, the Vern Barnett Teaching Centre – now known as Aspect Vern Barnett School - which opened in 1971.

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