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    A message from our Principal

    Welcome to Aspect Western Sydney School. Established in 1984, we offer a safe, supportive learning environment for students on the autism spectrum. Our school caters for close to 160 students across the Greater Western regions of Sydney. Our school has a main school site at Wetherill Park which consists of six primary classes and the administration base, as well as eight primary satellite classes and five high school classes which are Aspect run but operated within NSW Department of Education and Catholic Schools.

    Our school proudly adopts a comprehensive approach to education for students on the autism spectrum known as the Aspect Comprehensive Approach. This approach is person-centred therefore the focus is on meeting individual need. Our education programs engage, celebrate and utilise the strengths, interests and aspirations of our students. Our staff are committed to continual improvement and we work closely with the community as partners. We also work in close partnership with parents as we value the importance of a team approach to supporting students.

    Michelle Zikmundovsky
    Principal, Aspect Western Sydney School

    Enrolment and Fees

    Enrolment & Fees

    Enrolling into an Aspect School is easy. See here for information on the process and our School fees and costs.

    Enrolment Information Sessions

    Enrolment Information Sessions are held regularly throughout the year. The Information Session is for families who want to know more about our education program and the enrolment process. For the schedule of information sessions, please contact the school on:

    Design Inc Aspect Wetherill 056
    WSS Turtle Class
    WSS New Classroom

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