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For Autistic individuals, accessing the community, attending special events and even performing necessary daily tasks can be extremely challenging. But we can help make the world better suited for those on the autism spectrum. First, with a greater awareness of neurodiversity. And second by making a few simple changes or providing additional resources.

These small changes can help create a far more inclusive environment for those who need it.

Autistic card

Autism alert card

The Autism Alert card is designed to assist Autistic individuals to communicate their need for support to others, in situations that may be challenging.

Autism Friendly and the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

Living with a hidden disability, like autism, can make accessing the community more challenging for people. And hidden disabilities can be difficult for others to recognise, which is often the biggest barrier for people accessing additional support and understanding.

Autiism Friendly Research

Learn about ongoing research into autism-friendly initiatives


Nippers and inclusive Beaches

This research is now helping surf lifesaving clubs across Australia to run autism-friendly physical activity sessions for children on the autism spectrum.

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