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How we support diversity inclusion

Aspect’s autism-friendly team are dedicated to partnering with organisations to create environments which genuinely support and include Autistic people.

Partnering with you to create an autism-friendly event. Developing individualised supports or resources to improve your business practices. Providing autism awareness training for staff. Or simply giving you a few helpful tips to get you started. Whatever you need, our team are here to help you create a more inclusive environment.

Understand the autistic perspective

We believe that understanding an event or business from an autistic perspective is critical to creating a truly inclusive environment. That is why our autism-friendly team includes Autistic people.

These individuals provide unmatched input at all stages of the design, development and implementation of services and program. They ensure you can better embrace real disability inclusion for your event or business.

How Aspect can help you better embrace diversity inclusion

Environmental Assessment

Aspect has a team of Autistic consultants who are paid to help with all elements of our consultations. This includes environmental assessment, staff training and more.

We develop an environmental assessment report based on the feedback of our Autistic consultants. This is then used to design custom resources and modifications unique to your business or event.

Resource development/review

There are a wide range of resources that can be developed and implemented to support the inclusion of Autistic people in various environments. These resources can include:

  • Visual stories
  • Sensory maps
  • Inclusion checklists
  • Best practice guidelines
  • Visual communication supports

Customised Staff Training

One of the main barriers to inclusion at events and within environments is that Autistic people are often not understood, or made to feel like they are welcome. This is often simply because the staff just don’t understand how to support someone on the autism spectrum.

Staff training is a key component of any autism-friendly environment. Our team offers autism-friendly staff training customised to your business, service or event. All training is co-delivered with Autistic presenters who share their own relatable examples.

This helps your staff to contextualise what they are learning. And it provides an opportunity to answer any questions your staff may have about autism or inclusive initiatives.

Our staff training includes an introduction to autism, and practical strategies. This allows your staff to more effectively interact with, and support, Autistic individuals who access your business or event.


Stakeholder feedback is important. It indicates where your services are getting it right and where there may be room for development. As part of our autism-friendly consultancy, we can provide support in inviting and acting on feedback, to evaluate the effectiveness of inclusive initiatives.

Promotion of disability inclusion initiatives

Creating an inclusive environment is undoubtedly a good news story. And we would love to spread the word!

Aspect can promote your initiatives through our social media platforms, our Autism-Friendly Event Calendar and newsletters to our community. We can also engage with traditional media outlets to coordinate coverage. And we will support you to design genuinely inclusive promotions of your services that will engage the autistic community.


While we can be flexible to support your goals and budget, we do charge to be able to provide our services. To find out more, fill out the form below. We’ll get in contact to talk about what you are after, and how we can support you!

Organisations we have worked with

Taronga Zoo

Taronga understands that guests have varying needs and may require special assistance during their visit. Our team is always happy to help and have a range of services available to aid guests requiring additional assistance due to autism.

Disney Theatrical Productions

Disney Theatrical Productions is proud to partner with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), the Capitol Theatre and Ticketmaster to offer a relaxed performance of Beauty and the Beast.

Shoes & Sox

Shoes and Sox offer private fitting appointments before or after hours or during quieter times. This helps the comfort and accessibility of children who benefit from a quiet, calm environment when purchasing shoes.

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