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Our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan aims to shape and progress our vision, while building on our 55+ years of experience in delivering evidence-based knowledge, informed by lived experience. It provides revised priorities that reflect the changes in the external environment and a renewed focus on innovation to take us into the future.

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Deliver evidence-based, high quality, highly valued autism-specific education and services for our students, participants, and their families.

  • Review and transform Aspect services into efficient, sustainable models that meet the needs of the people we support
  • Develop and evaluate specialised programs for specific cohorts of Autistic children and adults
  • Deeply understand transition pathways and what supports are needed, develop and pilot programs of support
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Build new opportunities and create greater impact through strong partnerships.

  • Work in partnership with Autistic people throughout Aspect (in governance, service planning and delivery, and research)
  • Develop and refine our partnership model in education, therapy, and individual and community capacity building initiatives
  • Develop and pilot business partnerships for new products and services.
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Develop community understanding about autism to create a more inclusive world.

  • Invest in strategic partnerships to expand and scale our autism-friendly consulting business
  • Develop a business model for Individual and Community Capacity Building services with a clear value offer.
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Position Aspect for a strong future through innovation.

  • Develop an innovation framework to test, trial and evaluate new initiatives
  • Create a product/service development framework and prioritisation model 
  • Build a culture of innovation and  continuous improvement at a grassroots level.

Our Structure and Governance

The structure and organisation of Aspect

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