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What is an autism diagnosis?

There’s no medical test (such as a blood test) that can diagnose autism. Instead, medical or allied health professionals will generally want to meet in person and ask individuals questions about their life and experiences.

Aspect assessment services are delivered by Clinical Psychologists, Educational and Developmental Psychologists or Neuropsychologists, with experience and post-graduate training in the assessment and diagnosis of autism. We follow the “National Guidelines for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder”, and use standardised assessment tools such as the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition (MIGDAS-2), the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule -– Second Edition (ADOS-2) and the Autism Diagnostic Interview -– Revised (ADI-R).

We provide both adult and children autism diagnosis assessments for individuals across their lifespan. Our comprehensive assessment can identify developmental difficulties and determine what strategies and supports will assist a person to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

What to expect from an assessment with Aspect

At Aspect, an autism assessment takes around 4 to 6 hours and is typically conducted over the course of one day. We will work with you to make the process as comfortable and accessible as possible. With both children and adults, we encourage you to bring a trusted family member or support person along to support you in the process, and just to keep you company. If you don't have someone available, the Aspect team will make sure you're comfortable, and you will have access to a private quiet room for the duration.

For children we usually start with both child and parent/carer present, and once the child is comfortable, the clinician may want to spend some time one-on-one with both child and parent/carer. At the end of the process, we will spend time with you to go through the initial results and will send a more detailed formal report for you to review later.

Social Stories

We've created animated social story videos to help you learn about the assessment process and to know what to expect. We have videos for both face-to-face and Telehealth assessments for children and adults. Click the relevant link below to watch the video.

Face-to-face assesments

Child face-to-face

This video will help you and your child know what to expect at your appointment

Telehealth assessments

Assessments aren’t always easy to access due to lengthy waitlists, so some adults may choose to self-identify. Self-identification is helpful for connection with their identity and the Autistic community, and may lead to seeking formal support when possible.

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