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Aspect’s waitlist for an autism assessment is currently less than 3 months. At this stage, we are taking names for the waitlist and notifying people if an earlier appointment becomes available. Follow the steps below to start the process.

Consider getting a referral

While a formal referral letter from a medical doctor is not required to access Aspect assessment services, it is helpful. A referral provides background information and assists in understanding whether there are medical causes or co-morbidities that may help to explain the behavioural presentation. It can also assist in informing future clinical care.

Please note that a referral letter from a private Paediatrician or Psychiatrist is required if you want to claim a Medicare rebate for the assessment.

Complete the intake form

To get the assessment process started, complete the intake form below. Once we have received the completed intake form, you will get confirmation that we have received the form, it will be reviewed by one of our clinicians and our assessment team will contact you to book an appointment.

What does Aspect charge for an Assessment?

Our assessment services are delivered by experienced Clinical Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, or Educational and Developmental Psychologists with post-graduate training in the assessment and diagnosis of autism. An autism assessment takes around 4 to 6 hours and is typically conducted over the course of one day.

The NDIS will not fund diagnostic assessments unless it has been directly requested by the NDIA. Review and Cognitive assessments can be funded in some circumstances and depend on your individual plan. Please contact your Local Area Coordinator to ensure you can claim the assessment fees.

Getting ready for your appointment

In preparation for your assessment, you may want to review some information and resources. We have prepared videos, info packs and social stories on what to expect on the day

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