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Transitioning from school to adulthood is a crucial phase for Autistic adolescents that may shape their future experiences, opportunities and well-being. Transition planning and support may positively impact post-school outcomes and quality of life for Autistic people.

This research will explore the general experiences and needs of Autistic students and their parents/caregivers in the year following their Year 12 graduation from Aspect schools.

What are the post-school experiences and support requirements of Autistic students and their parents/caregivers in the year following graduation from an autism-specific school in Australia?

The research

We will contact 2023 graduated students in April-May and seek participants and their families who would like to be interviewed about their first 6 months as a graduate of an Aspect school.

Making a difference

This study will provide quality-improvement data to Aspect schools to understand how their transition planning can be enhanced. It will also address the gap in understanding the broad experiences and needs of individuals and their families during the critical initial year after leaving school.

This research has the potential to inform transition planning interventions and support service providers beyond Aspect to better understand the needs of Autistic people and their families, ultimately contributing to improved post-school outcomes and quality of life.

Research team

Dr Abbey Love, Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP)

Dr Vicki Gibbs, ARCAP

Dr Ru Ying Cai, ARCAP

Dr Chris Edwards, ARCAP