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Transition Planning

Aspect’s approach to transition aligns with current research, which suggests that successful transitions prepare both the student and the receiving school.

The primary focus of Aspect schools is to help students develop skills to become as independent as possible and to enable them to succeed in the wider community. Therefore, Aspect schools have a transition focus aimed at preparing children and young people for non-autism specific educational environments, whether this is in mainstream or general disability classes.

Future planning and transition from an Aspect school into a more general education setting or into a post-school program is part of the Individual Plan (IP) process for each student and their parents, guardians or the person responsible. The student’s readiness for transition and the type of placement most suitable for each individual student will be discussed with their parents, guardians or the person responsible at each student’s annual Individual Plan (IP) meeting.

Aspect Comprehensive Approach.

Transition Planning is part of the Transition & Inclusion element of the Aspect Comprehensive Approach.

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