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What is Easy English?

Easy English is a way of writing that uses everyday words, simple sentences and images to support the messages. It is different to plain English or plain language.

Who is Easy English for?

Easy English is for anyone who finds reading English hard. This can be because someone is still learning how to read; because they have a disability or because their main language is not English.

You can read Easy English versions of our core policies here:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Acknowledgement and Commitment

There are many Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander nations in Australia. We support the cultural and spiritual ties that the First People have with the land, sea and environment.

Aspect Comprehensive Approach

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) has a framework to tell us how best to work with people on the autism spectrum. It is called the Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA). It is an approach that puts the people we support at the centre of everything we do. It is made up of the Five Point Star and 8 areas of support.

Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk

Aspect will support you to make choices and learn so that you can do the things you want in your life.

We do this because we respect you and your human rights.

Embracing Diversity

Aspect makes sure everyone is included, equal and their Human Rights are respected.
Aspect knows that celebrating differences is an important part of its organisation.

Financial Integrity

Aspect has a high standard of how it gets, manages and uses money. Staff have to follow rules when spending Aspect’s money to buy goods and services for the organisation.

Governance Framework

Aspect’s Board and management care about how Aspect is run. There are written documents that tell everyone how Aspect is run and follows the law.

Person Centred Approach

Aspect knows that every person is important and deserves a chance to take part in their community. This is called having a valued role. We believe your needs come first. When we think about our services, we are thinking about your needs. This is called a Person Centred Approach.

Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (or PBS) means working together to have a safe and good life by making changes and teaching new and helpful ways of doing things for the person and the people that support them.

In Aspect schools, we use PBS to help students know and follow our school rules and be safe. We work with families to make plans that are fair and make sure everyone is listened to.

Aspect does not use punishment or anything that may hurt a person when they do not follow the rules.

Privacy of Personal Information and Data

Aspect knows that everyone has a right to privacy. We follow Australian laws called the Australian Privacy Principles and make sure that any information we collect from you is protected and kept private.

Quality Management Framework

Aspect wants to keep improving its schools, services and supports for all Aspect’s students/participants. Improving what Aspect does starts with listening to the people it supports and their experiences, both good and bad.

Research and Evaluation

Aspect’s research helps to build the skills of the community by teaching them to understand people on the autism spectrum and the best ways to support them.

Risk Management Framework

Aspect knows that there are risks that could cause problems with its work and the organisation. Aspect makes sure that it can continue to do the work that is important to Aspect by finding any risks early and making plans.

Safeguarding the People We Support

Aspect supports, services and schools care about the safety of both you and your families. Our staff know that safety is the most important part of supporting you.

Service Access

Aspect is here to help you understand if you can access our services, support programs and schools. Everyone can talk to us about accessing our services.
We have individual programs and schools that are made to suit your needs. We can help you with your skills in many different parts of your life.
We can also provide support and information to your parents and carers, families and service providers.

Stakeholder Engagement and Feedback

People choose to come to us because we know what works for people on the autism spectrum. We have a lot of experience with, and are always learning about, autism.
We help our students/participants plan, make choices and use the services, schools and supports they need.

We know how to support people on the autism spectrum because we have good relationships with 6 important people and groups.

Strategic Planning Framework

Aspect has a 3-year plan. This is called the Strategic Plan. Aspect updates the Plan every year and adds the next year to the Plan, so that it always goes for 3 years.
The Plan gives details about what Aspect wants to achieve and where it can improve over the next 3 years.

Working at Aspect

Aspect believes that our staff are the most important part of our organisation. Aspect staff work respectfully with each other in a safe and healthy environment.

Aspect Code of Conduct

Aspect’s success depends on many factors. One of the most important is the commitment of staff to Aspect’s inspiration, vision, mission, values and the Staff Code of Conduct that guides the behaviour of staff at work. (Note: this document is not in an Easy English format)

Multilingual Support

To help people who speak a language that is not English understand and talk to us, Aspect can work with an interpreter.

Please call TIS on 131 450 to request an interpreter in your preferred language, and ask for Autism Spectrum Australia (1800 277 328).

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