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Research webinars

Our webinars are presented by Aspect’s researchers and practitioners as well as external Autistic and non-Autistic experts. Webinar recordings can be accessed for free on the Research playlist of Aspect’s YouTube Channel.

Popular recent webinars include:

Autism and loneliness

During this webinar, researchers will discuss how their work is helping to better understand and measure Autistic experiences of loneliness with the aim of developing ways to alleviate loneliness among Autistic people.

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Social media conversations: What have we learnt about Autistic disclosure & burnout?

During this webinar, we look at how autism researchers explored social media to gain insights into the disclosure and burnout experiences of Autistic people.

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Projects that partner: research and practice to create an autism-friendly society

During this webinar, we look at how research that has been co-produced with Autistic people is informing the design of our built environment and sporting and cultural initiatives to create a more autism-friendly society.

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Creating autism-friendly workplaces

This ARCAP Webinar focusses on how research is informing the development of more autism-friendly workplaces.

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What's self-compassion and is it important for the mental health of Autistic adults?

Researchers, Dr Ru Ying Cai (ARCAP) and Dr Lydia Brown (La Trobe University/University of Melbourne) discuss the possible links between self-compassion and mental health of Autistic people and Anna shares her self-compassion experiences.

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