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Professional development workshops

Customised workshops for educators, early intervention/disability support workers and allied health professionals who work with Autistic people.

We give practitioners the opportunity to tap into our wealth of experience in supporting Autistic people.

Each workshop is:

  • co-designed in partnership with individuals with lived experience of the autism spectrum
  • grounded in evidence-based practices, offering you a clear understanding of effective strategies and how they can be applied in real-world settings to support individuals on the autism spectrum
  • focused on practical application, with our experienced allied health specialists providing comprehensive guidance on the what, how, where, when and who of implementing best practices in autism support

Lead time

Lead times may vary but typically, we require 2-3 months to prepare a customised workshop, depending on topic.

Face-to-face workshops

Depending on location within Australia, Aspect can deliver face-to-face workshops. Please note travel and accommodation costs are extra.

Number of participants

There is no maximum number of workshop participants, however we do require a minimum of five attendees to conduct a customised workshop.

Where do you hold workshops?

We will come to you. Our customised training can be flexibly delivered to your premises or at local venues.
We can run face-to-face sessions with your staff and audience. If your workforce is spread out, let us know and we can also deliver online or remote workshops.

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