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What are Adult Community Services?

Looking to make new friends? Start a new adventure? Learn a new skill? If so, we would love to have you join us. Aspect’s Adult Community Services provides you with the opportunity to have fun while trying new activities and learning new skills within the community.

We all need a place where we feel good, which helps us thrive and grow in our own time and space. Our community centres are that place for adults on the autism spectrum. As we get to know our adult participants, we quickly become a strong co-partner in recommending and supporting what they need and want, now and into the future.

Our current broad variety of activities and fun day programs for Autistic adults are fantastic and well loved, but it’s how we find, and even create, new activities based on your family member that makes us pretty special.

There’s nothing better than turning up every day and seeing friendly, familiar faces ready to get the day started. Our adult participants feel comfortable and safe being in a group environment that very quickly becomes their home-away-from-home. Our families and carers have peace of mind knowing that when they’re not with them, our team is the next best thing.

icon for We support independence

We support independence

A joyful life is an independent life. We love working with our adult community to build confidence and new skills. Whether it’s learning to cook a meal, catch transport or hang a jacket on the clothes rack, we celebrate every achievement equally.

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We inspire belonging

How good is it when people get you? If you don’t know what that feels like, just step through the front door of any one of our autism-specific adult community centres. With a caring, professional team of highly trained employees, we know how to bring out the best in adults on the autism spectrum.

icon for So what's next?

So what's next?

Walking out the front door and embracing real-life experiences in a safe and fun group environment is the best place to start!

Programs of Support

We offer a wide range of group-based activities over 24 weeks periods. Activities vary per location and are based on individuals’ goals and interests.

We focus on social integration to develop skills and gain confidence in community settings.

Social & Communication

An opportunity to develop individualised communication skills, social skills and engage in a range of social platforms within the local community.

Independent Living

Cooking, self-care, cleaning and gardening are just some of the activities to assist with developing independent living skills.

Health & Wellbeing

Help enhance physical fitness levels, maintain health and promote a sense of wellbeing. We offer activities such as low-impact indoor exercise programs, yoga or meditation to other sporting programs, such as swimming, bike riding and ten-pin bowling.

Sport & Recreation

Activities that focus on developing and improving physical fitness, fine motor skills and coordination. Developed to provide sensory stimulation while encouraging creativity, developing self-esteem and building confidence. Designed for people of all abilities to participate in while working on their social and team-building skills.

How do I get started with ACS?

To get started with Adult Community Services, complete the intake form linked below

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