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Facilitating a successful transition into an early childhood education setting

Research shows that children who participate in a quality early childhood education program for at least 600 hours in the year before school are more likely to arrive at school equipped with the social, cognitive and emotional skills they need to engage in learning (Department of Education, 2018).

The Aspect Building Tots Transition to Preschool program targets all children including children with a disability, children from CALD backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander whom are between 2-4 years of age and are not attending an early childhood education setting.

The program’s objective is to identify these children and provide support to families and centres to facilitate the successful transition of the child into an early childhood education setting.

The key elements of Building Tots Transition to Preschool include:

  • Transition Support including up to six visits to your child’s new early childhood education setting
  • Optional Screening Service for children presenting with signs of developmental delay

Building Tots Intake Form

If you are interested in the Building Tots Playgroup and Transition program for your child or a child and family you are supporting, please complete the intake form below.

Resources for Early Years Educators

Aspect has gathered useful resources to assist Educators with implementing the Building Tots program.

See below to access and download these resources.

Early Diagnosis: Enhancing Outcomes for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum and Their Families

Early diagnosis for individuals on the autism spectrum enables targeted interventions, fostering developmental progress. It aids in crafting personalised strategies that enhance social and educational growth. This early understanding also helps families adapt to unique needs, creating a supportive environment. Challenges like lack of awareness can be overcome through community education, resulting in improved outcomes for those on the spectrum and their families.

Sensory Story Time

Sensory Story Time is a great way to engage your children in a motivating and engaging activity that will support the development of social play. We can encourage the development of social play with our children by modelling appropriate and positive social behaviours, taking turns in play, making social comments and using simple language that may be used in play (e.g. repeated lines of the story).

Sensory Story Time Sample Resources

Document Icon Guide

How to do - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Resources to support your own Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Story Time

Document Icon Guide

Story Retell - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Use this resource to support your children to retell the story and discuss the senses they used.

Document Icon Guide

Positive Meal Times

Tips to help promote a positive mealtime experience.

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