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What is an incident?

You should tell is if you get hurt or nearly hurt when you are at an Aspect Service.

You should also tell us if something happens to you that you do not like.

You can have who you want to help you tell us about it. We will work with who you like, such as an advocate, support person, family member or interpreter.

You should also tell us if something is done to you by an Aspect staff member or someone else that you do not like.

It is very important that you tell us if you do not feel safe, or get hurt at Aspect so we can help you. You should tell the manager or principal about it.

We call these things incidents.

Aspect has steps that it follows if there is an incident.

If we find out about an incident we will always be fair.

  • We listen to everyone involved. Everyone has the right to be heard.
  • If you say the incident was done by someone, we will tell them about what you told us.
  • Everyone involved will be able to tell us about what they think happened.
  • After we have all the information we can get, we will make a decision that is fair about what to do.
  • We will make sure everyone involved knows what to expect and how we will find out more about the incident.
  • We will make sure we tell everyone involved about what we learnt and our decision. Sometimes we will not be able to tell you everything but we will tell you what we can that is fair to everyone.

How Aspect manages incidents


  • We check everyone is OK and provide first aid if needed
  • We put support in place for all people involved


  • We write an incident report
  • We communicate with other people as required (eg police, government etc)


  • We look for why the incident happened
  • We look for what we can do to stop it happening again


  • We act to fix any problems from the incident
  • We put in place changes to make it better


  • We check that the changes or fixes work afterwards
  • We make sure the problems do not happen again
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How Aspect manages incidents

Being safe online or when you use the internet

It is important to keep yourself safe so you have a positive experience online or when you use the internet. Information to keep yourself safe and make good decisions when using the internet can be found here:

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You can read about how to tell us if there is an incident, and who else you can tell, by looking at our giving feedback information below

You can tell us about an incident by calling us or by using the form below.

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