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What is a Service Agreement?

A service is something you pay someone to do for you.

An agreement is when you say yes to something.

If you choose to spend your NDIS money or your own money on Aspect services we will make a Service Agreement with you. A Service Agreement tells you how we will work with you and how we will support you.

This information is for our Therapy, Assessments, Community and Social Supports services. It does not apply to Aspect Schools.

We will make a Service Agreement with you before you start getting your supports.
You might need someone you trust to help you understand your Service Agreement.

The Service Agreement tells Aspect what to do. It also tells you what you need to do.

Signing your Service Agreement

Your service agreement is between YOU and ASPECT

  • When you are happy with the Service Agreement, you will sign it.
  • Someone from Aspect will also sign the Service Agreement.
  • You and Aspect will keep a copy of the signed Service Agreement.

The Service Agreement will say:

  • Your details like your name, address and phone number.
  • Aspect’s details like the name of the person you can talk to, their email and phone number. This is called a contact person.
  • What service or supports you will get.
  • How, when and where we will do the service.
  • How long you will get the service for.
  • How much your service will cost.
  • How your service will be paid for.
  • The rules that you and Aspect need to follow. These are called terms and conditions..
  • What you can expect Aspect to do.
  • What Aspect expects you to do.
  • What things you want to be able to do when you get the service or supports. We call these outcomes.
  • What to do if you want to stop your service or change your service.
  • When we will look at the agreement with you again so that we can change it or write a new one, if needed. This is usually every year.
  • What you can do if you are not happy with your service.
  • How you can tell us what you think about Aspect and how you feel about us.

Understanding your support plan and support options.

Making a support plan

  • We will also write a support plan together with you.
  • Support is the help you receive from an Aspect staff with daily life and things you want to do.

The support plan will say:

  • what kind of help you will receive.
  • what things you will do with Aspect.

Choosing your support

  • You can choose what things to write in your support plan.
  • We will help you to know what things you can choose from to put in your support plan. These are called support options.
  • We will help you to choose things that you like and that will help you.

What we will do when you have a support plan

  • We will talk to you about your support plan often to make sure you are getting and doing the things it says.
  • We will look at the support plan with you to change it or write a new one, if needed. We will do this every year. We will do it sooner if you want us to.
  • We will tell you how you can tell us if you do not like your support plan at any time.
  • We will tell you the name of an Aspect staff and their email and phone number so you can contact Aspect if you need to.

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