Autism Spectrum Australia


Aspect Practice is a national initiative that is committed to improving the lives of people on the autism spectrum across Australia. Combining evidence informed practice, thinking and knowledge and drawing upon Aspect’s 50 years of experience in partnership with people on the autism spectrum and their families, we deliver practical, realworld solutions to benefit families, communities, professionals and organisations.
Aspect Practice run comprehensive workshops for people on the autism spectrum of all ages. Workshops can also be tailored to meet an organisations’ specific needs.

If you would like information about customised workshops please contact Kerry Ritzrow on (02) 8868 8504 or or you can register for a customised workshop here.

If you would like to browse through the current workshops Aspect Practice have open to the public please click here to go to the events and workshops page of the website.

If you have recently attended a workshop you can find the link to the evaluation form below.

Supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum