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Easy English Policies

What is Easy English?

Easy English is a way of writing that uses everyday words, simple sentences and images to support the messages.  It is different to plain English or plain language.

Who is Easy English for?

Easy English is for anyone who has difficulty reading English. This includes people with low literacy levels, a learning disability, an acquired disability or whose main language is not English.


You can read Easy English versions of our core policies here.

Governance Framework
Strategic Planning Framework
Working at Aspect
Risk Management Framework
Financial Integrity
Quality Management Framework
Service Access
Duty of Care & Dignity of Risk
Person Centred Approach & Recognition of Valued Status
Safeguarding the People We Support
Positive Behaviour Support
Embracing Diversity
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Acknowledgement & Commitment
Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA)
Research & Evaluation
Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback *
Privacy of Personal Information & Data

At Aspect we value the feedback of our clients and their families.  We have a comprehensive complaints and feedback process in place.*

Please refer to Quality Management Framework and Stakeholder Engagement & Feedback for further information on our feedback and complaints policy.*


Multilingual Support
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) wants to make sure that everyone can access information about what services Aspect provides, how we do our work, how you can access our services and what you can expect if you choose to access a service provided by Aspect.

To make this information available, Aspect has the information on its website, in Aspect brochures and in 2 versions of its policies – written in English, and plain English with pictures. To support non-English speakers who need assistance with interpreting Aspect’s information, Aspect uses the National Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS).

Should you need support to understand Aspect’s written information in a language other than English, please call TIS on 131 450 to request an interpreter in your preferred language, and ask for Autism Spectrum Australia (1800 277 328).

*Please note for complaints involving school services in South Australia: Neither the South Australian Minster for Education and Child Development nor the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development has any power to directly intervene in any complaints
relating to the operations of a non-government school. Complaints regarding Aspect's school services in South Australia must be made through Aspect's complaints management process directly.

Easy English Policies