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OT Week - Meet Kiera Browne

20 October 2023

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This week, we are commemorating OT Week, a momentous occasion to recognise the outstanding efforts of our occupational therapists (OTs) who are part of Aspect's Therapy team. Our dedicated occupational therapists provide support to their participants in a range of settings—be it their homes, educational facilities, workplaces, or the broader community. Their mission is to empower individuals to reach goals that are personally significant to them.

The 2023 OT Week theme, "Unity Through Community," deeply resonates with our ethos. We understand the crucial and versatile role that OTs fulfil in helping their participants engage meaningfully with their communities in ways that are personally important.

We had a chat with Kiera Browne, a recent addition to Aspect's Therapy team, who is currently serving the Sydney area.

How long have you been an occupational therapist and why did you decide to become an OT?

This is my first year working as an Occupational Therapist! I decided to become an OT because I was keen to work in a career where I could help people to improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential.

What do you love about being an OT?

The opportunity to support a variety of people in a range of daily activities and settings. I love the feeling of knowing that I am making a difference to people’s lives.

Kiera Browne, Aspect OT

Could you tell us a bit more about your role as an OT with Aspect?

As an OT with Aspect, no two days are the same. Each day I visit participants in their home/school/pre-school and collaborate with their families and wider support networks, to implement strategies that support them in their daily lives. I really enjoy the autonomy of my role and having the flexibility to set my own schedule.

In your role, how do you engage with the community?

Through delivering therapy, I not only provide support to my participants, but I also assist people to connect with wider community services (e.g. social groups).

If you could give a few words of advice to a new grad OT, what would you say?

Occupational Therapy is a very broad profession - Follow your passion and find a career in an area that interests you! Take every opportunity as a learning experience and ask for help/advice when you need it.

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