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“This year we were lucky enough to be marching in the Mardi Gras parade with my friends at Aspect. It was a truly amazing experience! This was our first time marching as a family and it was even more special being able to march in such an Autism friendly group. When I marched in the parade with Mum and Lara, I felt so happy that I danced and pranced the night away, grooving through the Mardi Gras event as a heroine known as the Bisexual Queen. This group was all about glimmering with rainbows and sparkles as we partied on a very special night. The best part of marching in the parade with Mum and Lara is because Mardi Gras is about who we really are, how we support and love each other, and express our sexuality.” Layla Austin – 18 years

Austin Family2

“It is important for Layla to know that we are supportive of her and who she is. Her sexuality is very important to her, and she just wants to be celebrated and to celebrate others. Being a rainbow family, it was important for us to experience this moment together and given Layla’s disability, doing it with Aspect was equally special. It was a great experience for our first march as a family, and we met some fantastic people along the way. It was a beautifully inclusive experience in so many ways, and we look forward to the opportunity of participating again in the future”. Chantelle & Lara – Layla’s parents

The Neurodiversity Rainbow, supported by Aspect, marched in the 2024 Sydney Mardi Gras parade for our sixth year in a row. The theme this year was ‘Our Future…’ calling us to imagine what the future could hold for the LGBTQIA+ community and by the neurodivergent community.

Austin Family 2
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