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Discover Aspect's Top 5 podcasts

25 July 2022

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From exceptional high needs to twice exceptional, Aspect's a different brilliant® podcast is providing a new resource to assist in understanding and learning about autism. Hosted by Autistic adult and radio and TV entertainer, Orion Kelly, the podcast covers topics that are not commonly discussed, such as women and girls on the autism spectrum, positive parenting, the connection between sleep and autism, intersectional identities and communicating with a person who is non-verbal.

First launched in 2020, the podcast has received an incredible response with over 35,000 downloads to date. It is available through the Aspect website, YouTube and most podcast apps, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and the iHeart Radio podcasts.

“We’re grateful to be able to partner with industry and subject-matter experts to provide this valuable resource to the autism and Autistic communities,” says Aspect CEO Jacqui Borland.

Discover below our five most-listened podcast episodes across three seasons!

ADHD and autism

Orion Kelly is joined by Aspect Clinical Neuropsychologist Nicole Mathieson. Together they explore the topic of ADHD and autism. They discuss the similarities and differences of these diagnoses and the impact on children and adults misdiagnosed.

Listen now on: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - YouTube

Exceptional needs and autism

Cheryl Lumsden, mother of an Autistic son with high support needs, and host Orion Kelly explore what complex and high support needs might look like for an Autistic person.

Listen now on: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - YouTube

Women and girls on the autism spectrum

Over a 2-part episode, Orion Kelly explores the topic of women and girls on the autism spectrum. On part 1, Orion’s guest is the Clinical Team Leader of Aspect Assessments, Dr Fiona Aldridge. Together they discuss why women have been traditionally under-represented on the autism spectrum and what it is like to be an Autistic woman. On part 2, Orion is joined by actor, writer, author and Autistic woman Madeleine Ryan to discuss what it is like to be an Autistic woman.

Listen now on:

Apple Podcasts - Spotify - YouTube (part 1)

Apple Podcasts - Spotify - YouTube (part 2)

Strengths and interests

On the debut episode of the Aspect podcast ‘a different brilliant’, Orion Kelly is joined by Aspect Practice National Manager, Dr Tom Tutton. Orion and Tom explore the strengths and interests based approach to autism and discuss why the deficit model is problematic for Autistic people.

Listen now on: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - YouTube

World Autism Understanding Day with Alex the Astronaut

Last March, singer and songwriter Alex The Astronaut joined Orion Kelly to explore the topic of World Autism Awareness Day and the importance of moving away from awareness to understanding and appreciation.

Listen now on: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - YouTube

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