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Hence, we are looking for Autistic people to partner with us in a variety of ways including:

Aspect's Advisory Council: The Advisory Council is part of Aspect's Governance structure. Members provide advice to the Aspect's Board on strategic matters. Members of the group also have the opportunity to be involved in Aspect's strategic planning process and Board's Strategy Committee. This Council meets 4-6 times a year including two in-person meetings as a minimum.

Aspect's Think Tank: Members use their lived-experience to provide advice on day-to-day practices and supports. Business Units seeking input are primarily Education and Therapy. This group meets 4-6 per year and are by either Zoom or in-person.

Communications/Fundraising Group: Members provide advice to our Communications and Fundraising teams about messaging in their campaigns. These meetings are conducted as required by Zoom.

All of the groups are paid positions which opportunity to do additional pieces of adhoc consulting.

If you would like more information about any of these groups please contact Ainslie Robinson our Working in Partnerships Officer on If you would like to register your interest in any of these groups please click here and fill out the online form.

In addition to this, if you are looking for more information about joining Aspect's Board, please click here.