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A message from our Principal

Aspect Treetop School is proud to be the only autism-specific education program for students from Reception to Year 10 in Adelaide. We understand the uniqueness of every child, value their individual strengths, interests and aspirations and we celebrate the ‘different brilliant’ of every child.

Success in our school is a partnership between our students, staff and families. Embracing each student’s individuality and engaging them through their special interests makes our teaching unique and very rewarding. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff which comprises both teaching and non-teaching staff and a learning support team of a psychologist, speech pathologist and occupational therapist are committed to ensuring our students achieve their potential in a safe and rewarding learning environment.

We offer small class sizes with a ratio of six students to two educators, allowing staff to individualise the learning approach for each student. Accommodations are provided for each student’s unique learning needs and differences are respected, understood and embraced. We offer quality teaching through the unique combination of the Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA) and the Australian Curriculum. This approach provides students with many opportunities to experience a variety of programs and activities to enhance their learning. The Five Point Star is a person-centred framework and is at the centre of the ACA. It is through the Five Point Star that staff develop a comprehensive and positive understanding of each student they support.

As Principal, I have an expectation that quality programs are delivered which have a positive impact on each student in our care. Our priority is providing quality programs customised to develop each student’s speech and learning abilities, social and emotional learning, and promote engagement in each of the curriculum learning areas. Our purpose-built gym, cooking facilities and community participation allows our students to generalise skills learnt in the classroom and promotes independence.

I encourage you to call our school and find out more about the autism-specific programs our terrific Treetop team delivers and the positive impact our program can have for your child. We look forward to hearing from you and will gladly answer any of your questions.

Kaye Perry

Principal, Aspect Treetop School

About our school

Aspect Treetop School in Ashford, SA provides dynamic, individualised learning for students on the autism spectrum with a caring and nurturing approach. Our main campus proudly offers 14 classes for students from Reception to Year 10 with current students’ age ranging from 5 to 17 years old. Students have access to both indoor and outdoor play spaces with a wide variety of equipment including a trampoline, bikes, and playground equipment at their disposal. The school hall currently hosts a small library with books, games, building blocks, art supplies and access to the Commbox for music and educational programs. Students use our kitchen for cooking and life skills activities and future plans are in place for a new library. We also provide many other services, events and activities through community access programs. Classroom staff are supported by our Learning Support Team consisting of the Principal, Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapists and executive staff. Each class teacher is also supported by a Student Support Officer (SSO). The school has an active Parents and Friends group which organises events and fundraising throughout the school year.

Why choose our school?

We understand autism like no other school. Aspect has been a pioneer in providing services to Autistic people for over 50 years, offering the largest autism-specific education program in Australia. Our evidence-informed approach, backed by decades of experience and research, provides students with the best opportunities throughout their lives.

Get a great education, tailored to you.

Aspect is a registered and accredited school with highly trained, passionate teachers. Following the NSW curriculum, we carefully adapt learning based on individual strengths and interests, ensuring a positive, personalized experience for every student. We leverage a student’s special interest areas to motivate them to achieve their personal best.

A community where you'll feel right at home.

We are more than just a school - we're a close-knit, caring community of families and carers sharing similar experiences. Joining us provides an instant support network to share your journey with Aspect and beyond. Together, we share experiences, offer advice, and celebrate milestones and achievements.

Transition Approach

Aspect views transition as an integral part of every student’s educational journey. Our school acts as a transitional setting, building on students’ skills and independence to enable a shift to less specialised settings with comprehensive and personalised support. Approximately twenty percent of our students successfully transition each year.

Enquire now for waitlist opportunities

The best way to experience the Aspect School learning environment is to come and visit yourself. Enrolment enquiries at all year levels are welcome at any time. Learn more about the process of enrolling in Aspect Schools, and our fees below

Enrolment Information Sessions

Enrolment Information Sessions are held regularly throughout the year. The Information Session is for families who want to know more about our education program and the enrolment process. For the schedule of information sessions, please contact the school on:

Enrolment & Fees

Learn more about the process of enrolling in Aspect Schools.

Prospectus and Annual Report

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Aspect Treetop School Prospectus (Adelaide)

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