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Help ensure more children receive an early autism assessment, it will literally change their entire life!

‘Aspect provided us with a clear map and directions on how to travel on the autism path with our beautiful little girl.’ says Michelle

Holly is a cheeky, beautiful and spirited 4-year-old. Her liveliness, joy and unique potential are undeniable. Holly received an autism diagnosis at just 26 months of age, and because of that she now has the best opportunity to shine.

Prior to her diagnosis her parents were worried about what her future would hold.

At 18 months old, Holly was diagnosed with global development delay. It was around this time that her mother Michelle started noticing that something else was making life difficult for her little girl.

“Holly didn’t turn her head when we called her name,” recalls Michelle. “She didn’t seem to know how to connect with others around her.”

The early years of their daughter’s life should have been a time to connect and celebrate small milestones. Instead, Michelle was finding it difficult to know how to communicate with Holly and understand her needs.

Every person on the autism spectrum, and their family, deserves the tailored support to help them develop into their fantastically individual self.

This Christmas please help more children like Holly assess a life-changing early diagnosis.

Reaching out for support

“Having the courage to make the first call to Aspect was one of the most important decisions I’ve made,” says Michelle. “It was the first step in getting Holly access to the early childhood support she so critically needs.”

After receiving an early diagnosis with Aspect, Michelle was able to apply for necessary NDIS funding which provided Holly access to a range of specialists and services, such as Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy and Psychology.

‘Ultimately, an early diagnosis didn’t just give Holly the support she needed to thrive, it gave our family the tools we needed to give her the best start in life’

Today, Holly is attending an autism-specific preschool. Thanks to an early diagnosis and specialist therapy, she has transitioned well and is flourishing in the joys of childhood.

Your generous gift will help give a financially disadvantaged family access to an autism diagnosis that will help their loved one grow and thrive in their own special way.

Elise's Story: Beyond the diagnosis

Like Holly, Elise is Autistic. However, she was diagnosed later at the age of 12.

Elise is grateful for the diagnosis and subsequent support she received, however, she often wonders how an early diagnosis would have impacted her social and emotional development in her early childhood years.

Today, Elise is a confident, articulate and accomplished 25-year-old.

This Christmas please help children and young people on the autism spectrum shine. It all begins with a diagnosis. Your support means a brighter future.

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