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Autism Spectrum Australia Offers Autism Services and Support in Melbourne and Sydney

As the largest not-for-profit autism service provider in Australia, we at Aspect (or Autism Spectrum Australia) always work to offer as much support and service to autism patients and their families as we can. From diagnosis to early intervention, autism-specific schools to adolescent and adult programs, we strive to provide lifelong support to those with autism.

Our Locations

The majority or Aspect's autism support services are currently centred in New South Wales, around Sydney, Newcastle and other high-population cities along the west coast of Australia. NSW is where Aspect got its start nearly 50 years ago, and it remains the heart of our service mission. However, we have been aiming in recent years to expand our services and support all over Australia, from Melbourne, Victoria, to Adelaide, South Australia.

Already, we are broadening our reach with satellite courses. In 2016, to mark our 50th anniversary, we will be opening our first-ever autism-specific school outside of New South Wales, in South Australia. Our hope is that within a few years, we will be able to offer a full range of autism services and support in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and every other major Australian city.

The Challenges of Providing Autism Support in and outside of Sydney

While Aspect's mission is certainly growing, the challenges of providing autism support remain. The autism spectrum is difficult to handle for two primary reasons. First, patients with autism can be diagnosed anywhere along the autism spectrum, and can be affected by autism in very different ways. Second, substantially different autism services are needed for every different age group, and the need for autism support—whether in Sydney or elsewhere—does not go away with age, either.

Patients under the age of four need early intervention, one-on-one therapy sessions, early days workshops, posture training and more. These early treatments can drastically improve the quality of an autism spectrum person's life, and can even serve as the building blocks needed to give that person a mostly normal and independent life.

Aspect's autism services in Sydney break the next two age groups into 5-12 and 13-18. For the former age period—tagged by our support program as the 'Primary Years'—our autism-specific schools are by far the most important service that we provide. Many children with autism require special needs education, and Aspect is the largest organisation in Australia meeting that need.

For the 13-18 age group, our focused educational opportunities remain important, but additional services are implemented to encourage social development. These programs work to move autism students towards adulthood (and hopefully, independence). Finally, our adulthood autism support programs in Sydney focus on helping adults forge connections with others, make smart decisions, improve capability and more.

Are you interested in learning more about Aspect, or about the autism support programs we have to offer in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia? Visit our website at to read about our schools, services and support programs, or call us at 1800 Aspect to let us know what we can do to help you and your family.

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