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Callen's Story- A world of opportunity.

Callen was diagnosed on the autism spectrum just before turning 2 years old.

While the news was unexpected for his parents, after digesting the diagnosis, it helped them understand the challenges Callen had been facing – and they could begin to forge a pathway forward.

Katherine and Ben knew that their son, Callen, was facing difficulties from an early age.

“We noticed that Callen wasn’t speaking or communicating in any way,” says Katherine. “He didn’t ask for food or water. He was quiet and withdrawn, but he was still affectionate with us.”

Callen’s diagnosis was the beginning of a new era for his family – one of understanding and possibility.

Callen's parents were grateful to finally have some answers. There was a sense of relief, mixed with uncertainty about what the future held for Callen.

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The pathway to understanding starts with an early diagnosis.

Katherine and Ben knew the road ahead would be difficult, but they were determined to do all they could to help their son receive the support and understanding he needed – his diagnosis was the first, important step in that journey.

“You want to throw everything at it as a parent,” said Katherine. “You don’t want to leave any stone unturned. You’re prepared to do anything for your child to have the best life.”

Callen has come so far in the past seven years since his diagnosis.

With the support of his family, teachers and the autism-specific guidance of his therapists, Callen has overcome so many obstacles. He’s an excellent communicator when he’s comfortable, and he now attends a mainstream school. But we still have a long way to go to ensure more children like Callen grow up with the same opportunities as their non-Autistic peers.

Callen is now thriving, but for other families the story is very different, unable to afford the out-of-pocket costs of an assessment they continue to wait. This simply isn't fair.

Together, we can ensure the next generation grows up with the support and understanding of their family, friends and community – and it all starts with a diagnosis.

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Please don’t wait to help more children like Callen access an early assessment – there's no time to lose, donate today!

An early autism diagnosis helped give Callen's family the tools and support they needed to give their son the best life. Help change the future for another child like Callen.

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