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Enhancing learning opportunities

By partnering with Aspect, your school will be at the forefront of best practice models of educational inclusion for children on the autism spectrum.

Aspect schools provide specialised programs for children aged four to 17, who require an autism-specific program. Aspect has nine schools operating in New South Wales and South Australia. All classes include a teacher and a teacher’s aide, and are registered and accredited with the relevant state education requirements.

The NSW Aspect schools operate almost half of its classes in collaborative partnerships in mainstream school settings - generally at Public or Catholic Diocese Schools. These are called Aspect satellite classes and they offer outstanding programs of best practice inclusion with the support of our partners.

Aspect is bolstering existing partnerships and fostering new relationships that will enhance student learning and wellbeing outcomes, and meet the growing needs of the autism and Autistic communities. Partnerships are a key focus in our strategic direction and school improvement agenda as a core element in creating effective schools.

Satellite classes offer an alternative model of inclusion, and provide many benefits to mainstream and Aspect schools, and the wider community. With over 100 Aspect satellite classes in more than 50 schools across NSW already established, we invite you to learn more about the opportunity.

Please contact our National Director of Aspect Education, Maryanne Gosling on 1800 277 328.

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