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202 Old Dandenong Road, Heatherton VIC 3202

Operating since 2001, Aspect Heatherton builds on the strengths and interests of people on the autism spectrum by focusing on evidence-informed autism-specific practices. Our centre was previously a primary school, and has been renovated by Aspect to uniquely accommodate and support people on the autism spectrum.

Making full use of the size and space of the centre, Aspect Heatherton's activities are flexible and individualised. The grounds provide an area for animal care activities and gardening, while inside we have rooms for physical fitness, sensory experiences, baking and meal preparation. Out in the community, we enjoy activities, such as bike riding, swimming and enjoying a coffee at the local cafe.

Aspect Heatherton operates from Monday to Friday, over two six-monthly terms.

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Download a 12-month calendar for Heatherton that lets you know when the Centre is open and when we are closed for training or holidays. You can use this calendar to plan out your activities for the year.

Our Adult Community Services are currently open for intake. Download and complete an intake form below.

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