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We have autism-specific therapy programs including speech pathology, occupational therapy, psychology and special education. As part of our Teletherapy service, we offer online webinar training programs, as well as individual Teleconsultation for organisations, schools and other service providers supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.

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How to perform a pre-call test before your Teletherapy appointment

Check that your device will work with Telehealth

This test will check that your device will work with our Telehealth Service.
This includes:

  • Checking your camera, microphone, browser and speakers
  • Testing that you can connect to the internet
  • Testing that you can connect to Telehealth
  • Keeping information about how well you can connect to Telehealth

After the tests, we will help you to try and connect to Telehealth.

Here are some easy guides to help you connect to Teletherapy on iPhone, iPad, Android or through your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Joining your Teletherapy session - Mobile Devices

Joining your Teletherapy session - Desktop Computers

Video Call FAQ's

If you have any further questions you can contact Aspect below:

What is the Aspect Teletherapy Service?

The Aspect Teletherapy Service is an autism-specific therapy service delivered via video-conferencing to isolated individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and in collaboration with their local support network. The service provides timely access to autism-specific support in locations where these services may be limited or inaccessible. The Teletherapy services emphasise collaboration with and within the individual's local support team members including local educators, allied health and community support staff.

How does the Aspect Teletherapy Service work?

The Teletherapy service is delivered by Aspect Therapists (Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Special Educator) via HealthDirect Australia.

Participants and their families will be invited to an initial online interview to discuss their goals with the Teletherapist. Goals can be from a wide range of areas, for example, challenging behaviour, developing communication and accessing mainstream environments. The Teletherapist will then schedule regular sessions at a time that suits both the Teletherapist and family/support teams. Sessions can be scheduled at home, preschool, or school. Support team members who are not physically present are welcome to login to the session to watch it from a remote location. The participant must have at least one support person present during the session (family member or support team member).

Our Teletherapy platform is provided by Healthdirect Australia.

Webinars and Teleconsultation

Building Connections Webinars

Building Connections is a capacity building project to ensure that isolated therapists, support workers and mainstream environments have access to professional support and skill strengthening opportunities. This aims to enhance the support provided to individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and the communities in which they live.

Building Connections uses Zoom Webinars to deliver online interactive and collaborative webinars. Participants are free to ask questions at any time throughout the webinar and engage in discussion surrounding the topic with the presenter and other participants. NESA accreditation is available for selected webinars.


Mainstream and disability organisations, schools and other services providers can also access Teleconsultation with Aspect Therapists via video-conferencing. The Teleconsultation approach can be a useful way for organisations to connect with autism-specific support for their individual clients or students, or for implementing general autism-friendly strategies within the workplace.

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