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Aspect @nywhere enables our students, clients and participants to access our evidence-informed supports and services – no matter where they are.

Connecting online has never been easier and our online services provide additional flexibility and reduced waitlists, in a secure environment.

Aspect @nywhere Services

Aspect Teletherapy

The Aspect Teletherapy Service is a therapy service delivered via video-conferencing to individuals on the autism spectrum, their families and in collaboration with their local support network. The service provides timely access to autism-specific support in locations where these services may be limited or inaccessible. The Teletherapy services emphasise collaboration with and within the individual's local support team members including local educators, allied health and community support staff.

Aspect's Sarah Crook and Ashleigh Smith discuss the benefits of Teletherapy.

Aspect TeleAssessments

Aspect Assessments provide assessments for autism across the lifespan. A comprehensive assessment can identify developmental difficulties and determine what interventions, strategies and supports will assist someone to reach their potential. Our assessments also include information about an individual’s strengths, talents and interests so that support plans can be tailored to their particular goals and aspirations. We are now also performing online autism assessments.

Fiona Aldridge tells us more.

Distance Education

We now have Australia’s first autism-specific Distance Education program, running out of the Aspect Hunter School.

The exciting initiative is opened to primary school-aged children on the autism spectrum in the Hunter and the surrounding region, who are either geographically isolated and don’t have access to an appropriate school program, or have disengaged from traditional education programs due to individual circumstances.

Distance Education Staff at Aspects Hunter School
Distance Education Staff at Aspects Hunter School


Aspect now offers a range of webinars, workshops, one-to-one contacts and online supports via phone and video conferencing.

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