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Did you know that an estimated 1 in 40 people in Australia is on the autism spectrum? Including their families, that's over a million Australians for whom autism is a part of daily life.

As Australia's leading autism services provider, we pride ourselves on the transformational change our autism-specific support can create for autistic people and their families:

  • With nine schools across Australia, we provide vital, autism-specific education services to some of Australia's most vulnerable young learners.
  • We work with adults to help them secure fulfilling work lives so they can find independence and reach their full potential.
  • We work with autistic people of all ages - providing services ranging from early intervention and therapy to family workshops and adult community support services.

It is our mission to create a world where no one on the autism spectrum is left behind - but we need more caring Australians to join us.

Your donation today will go directly towards providing crucial support services for autistic people and their families, helping to open up a world of opportunities.

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