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The ACAE supports all areas of the child’s development. Each child, with the support of their parents, teachers and professionals, develops their own individual education plan (IEP). The IEP highlights the learning style, techniques and supports most appropriate to the needs of the child and provides a positive learning environment that focuses on his or her strengths and interests.

The ACAE (download here) helps children to develop their skills in four key areas;

  • sensory – supports children by modifying the impact of their environment or by increasing their levels of tolerance to environmental factors
  • social skills – supporting children with their play, sharing and interaction skills and helping them to recognise and express their emotions
  • communication skills – supporting children who have little or no verbal communication skills to develop their own communication style; helping children with good verbal skills to interpret facial expressions and gestures and to use clear and concise language
  • learning and behaviour – acknowledging the diverse support and developmental needs of children on the spectrum

A key feature of the ACAE is helping children to transition into non-autism specific schools wherever possible. We provide ongoing support to students, their families and the receiving school to help the student to succeed in their new environment.

The ACAE is built upon nine core principles:

  • individualised planning
  • environmental supports
  • structured teaching approaches
  • supported transition and inclusion
  • family involvement and support
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • learning support team
  • professional development
  • positive behaviour support

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