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Aspect Serves as One of the Leading Australian Charities and Channels Donations into Education

In 1966, six students arrived to the newly formed Autistic Children’s Association of New South Wales. There, they received an education previously not offered within the country and, within a mere three years, that education earned recognition from the government, with official funding given for expansions, improvements, and more. This launched one of the most important charities in Australia.

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) changed its name in 2005 to better encompass a growing national presence, and now serves as a leading educational provider. It is the largest non-profit of its kind, and its efforts have been consistently noted throughout the world. It ranks as a premier Australian charity, school, and diagnostics centre.

The Need for Donations: Aiding Charities in Australia

As with all Australian charities, Aspect sustains its programs through government funding and public donations. Every dollar is carefully divided among a series of services, including:

Diagnostic Assessments

Aspect performs diagnostic assessments on students, identifying both their spectrum traits and individual needs. This ensures productive therapies and positive environments.


Aspect hosts multiple workshops, including: communication therapies, social support strategies, early intervention tips, and behavioural encouragement strategies. This allows charities in Australia to encourage proactive experiences for parents and students alike.


As one of the premier Australian charities, Aspect strives toward evidence-based practices and support. This involves extensive research into autism, examining developing therapies, training programs, and technologies. Through this the school can better adapt to each student’s needs and create stronger curriculums.

Charities in Australia require third-party aid to ensure success, and Aspect is no exception. The school promotes community involvement in every stage of education.

Donate to an Australian Charity

Aspect, like all charities in Australia, offers multiple ways for individuals to donate. The school encourages tax-deductible participation through:


Call 1-800-AUTISM (1-800-288-476) to make a donation.


Send a donation directly to the school:

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) PO Box 361 Forestville, NSW 2097


Connect to a secure server on the school’s website and donate there.

Partner With an Australian Charity

Aspect encourages third-party partnerships, hoping to cultivate a well-rounded (and student-centric) environment. Those wishing to donate their time to the school are now welcomed to join. Corporate sponsorships and trusts prove essential, offering mutually beneficial arrangements for all involved. Volunteering, fundraising, marketing events, and more ensure long-lasting results.

Volunteer with Australian Charities

Aspect stresses the importance of community. This is why it actively seeks volunteer participation, pairing individuals with key opportunities (such as event planning, fundraising, internships, and more). This creates tangible connections between the school, its staff, and the public. Through interaction comes compassion.

Aspect Looks to the Future

In 2016 Aspect will celebrates its 50th anniversary. Its long history of service, support, and education places it among the premier charities in Australia, and it now seeks to include the public in its many future endeavours through donation drives and volunteering.

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