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The origin of ARCAP's research priorities

ARCAP's research priorities are the outcomes of a landmark study in which online surveys and in-depth interviews were used to ask Autistic people and their parents/carers:

  • What does a good life mean for Autistic people and for the parents/carers of Autistic people?
  • What might help or hinder Autistic people and parents/carers in achieving a good life?

The priorities were identified based on information provided by participants.

Research Priorities diagram

ARCAP's research agenda

The eight priority areas – Relationships, Mental health, Acceptance, Workplace, Education, Support services, Adult life and the future, and Self-care – will underpin ARCAP’s research agenda. Projects that fill gaps in research will be developed that are relevant to Aspect’s programs and services (the Aspect Comprehensive Approach) and are financially viable.

The research priorities and agenda will be included in Aspect’s strategic and business plans and subsequently inform the continued development of Aspect’s research and services. In doing so, we aim to positively impact the lives of Autistic people and support them to realise their goals and aspirations.

Inclusive research award

ARCAP won the Inclusive Research Category in the 2021 Autism CRC Achievement in Autism Spectrum Research Awards for the Aspect Research Priorities Project. The award recognises ARCAP’s outstanding commitment to inclusive autism research practices demonstrated through the project.