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In this blog post, Alexandra shares some of her recent airport experiences, tried and tested tips to make travel easier and a new research study aimed at improving airport accessibility.
Autistic students are valuable members of the university community who deserve respect, support, and opportunities to thrive. 
Looshy the Bear
Guidance from an Autistic parent of a child on the autism spectrum about what to do and importantly not say when someone discloses their child is Autistic.
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Dr Chris Edwards shares the highs and lows of his recent visit to Christchurch, New Zealand for the Australasian Society for Autism Research (ASfAR) Conference 2023. Make sure you read to the end!
Disney 4
On Saturday the 18th of November, our Autism Friendly team partnered with entertainment giants Disney Theatrical Productions to deliver a relaxed performance of Beauty and the Beast.
Ainslie Robinson from Autism Spectrum Australia's Autism Friendly team discusses her role in making the world more accessible for Autistic individuals. As an Autistic mother, Ainslie brings personal insight into the challenges faced by Autistic people in public spaces and highlights the necessity of modifying these environments for greater inclusion.
Estate Planning2
For families with Autistic children, the journey is often unique and can be filled with both opportunities and challenges that require planning. One important aspect that deserves particular consideration is estate planning.
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Schools are more than just institutions of education; they are powerful ecosystems designed to provide a nurturing environment for every student to grow and thrive. This task becomes even more important when we consider students on the autism spectrum. Educators, families and the wider community should work together to ensure that a students' educational journey is not only enriching but also inclusive.
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