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For context, both of my children and myself are Autistic with characteristics that present very differently from each other. My son is in a support unit at school, and most people would notice that he is Autistic upon meeting him, whereas for both my daughter and myself it’s not as obvious.
Autistic students are valuable members of the university community who deserve respect, support, and opportunities to thrive. 
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In this blog post, Alexandra shares some of her recent airport experiences, tried and tested tips to make travel easier and a new research study aimed at improving airport accessibility.
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Emma Tomlinson – Singer/Songwriter and Autism Queensland Ambassador, writes a heartfelt blog about her experiences and perspective on autism.
Alex Robinson
Alexandra commenced with Aspect as the organisation’s Receptionist at our Chatswood Head Office just over a year ago, and has fit in perfectly. Prior to this, she had worked in administrative roles for about 14 years. Reflecting on her years of experience, Alexandra has developed the following list of things that have been most useful to her thriving in the workplace.
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Physical activity and exercise have many benefits for Autistic people, including improved physical health, mental well-being and social connection. However, sometimes there are barriers that prevent Autistic people from participating in group sports.
Michael Theo WAUD
Michael Theo shares his insights on autism and reflects on his different brilliant.
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Michael Theo discusses love, employment, and taking chances
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