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Partnering to produce respectful and meaningful research and practice

Autistic people and their parents/carers, researchers, and autism practitioners work together to ensure our research is relevant, respectful and translates into proven practices that support Autistic people to have the best possible opportunities throughout their lives.

Partnering with Autistic people and their families/carers

We value the perspectives of Autistic people and their families and are committed to working in partnership to identify research priorities, design and implement our autism practice research projects and guide our future research agenda. We do this through the ARCAP Research to Practice Partnership Approach.

Partnering with Aspect staff and practitioners

ARCAP's staff includes Autistic researchers who provide valuable insights and guidance around the design, delivery, implementation and reporting of research projects.

The ARCAP team has a unique advantage in working alongside Aspect’s educators, therapists, service co-ordinators and support workers. Drawing on the hands-on knowledge of these specialist autism practitioners provides valuable insights into the realities of autism practice, informs our research and allows us to develop and test ideas that will work not just in theory, but also in practice.

ARCAP Research to Practice Partnership Approach

ARCAP Partnership Approach

Learn more about each step of the ARCAP Research to Practice Partnership Approach:

Priority areas for research are identified through ongoing review of scientific literature and consultation with representatives of the Autistic and autism communities and Aspect staff in relation to service and support needs.

A program of research is developed that aims to inform practical and meaningful ways in which to improve the lives of Autistic people and their families.

Prioritised projects are designed, implemented and disseminated in consultation with Autistic people, parents/carers and professionals and co-produced with Autistic researcher(s).

Research findings, outputs and outcomes e.g. publications (journals, stakeholder reports), programs, supports, services, resources and training are shared externally and are incorporated into the Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA).

Training, supervision, coaching and practice reviews are undertaken with staff to support the implementation of project outputs and outcomes (programs, supports, services, resources) that have been included in the Aspect Comprehensive Approach (ACA) and Aspect’s autism practice.

Partnership accolades

ARCAP won the Inclusive Research Category in the 2021 Autism CRC Achievement in Autism Spectrum Research Awards for its landmark study to identify research priorities of Australia’s Autistic and autism communities. The award recognises ARCAP’s outstanding commitment to inclusive autism research practices demonstrated through the Aspect Research Priorities Project, which will inform the future focus of ARCAP’s research.

Aspect is proud to have been endorsed in 2019 by the Autism CRC as one of its first Research Co-Production Partners. This endorsement requires an organisation to have demonstrated a sustained commitment to quality research co-production, producing translatable outcomes relevant to the needs of the community.

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