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Aspect schools use a range of online platforms to assist teaching and learning both in the classroom and remotely. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced Australian students to be schooled from home, Google Classroom was the primary tool used in Aspect schools to support remote learning.

Is Google Classroom effective for remote learning? What was hard and what was easy about using Google Classroom? What did teachers and families like? Would they use it again?

The research

Following a two-month period of using Google Classroom in Aspect schools, 172 participants – 99 parents/carers and 73 teachers – completed an electronic survey about their experiences. The survey asked questions about:

  • level of satisfaction in using Google Classroom
  • level of student engagement
  • technical difficulties.

What we learnt

Document Icon Research Publications

Full Google Classroom report 2020

Research team

Dr Abbey Love, ARCAP






Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)