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Thanks for supporting World Autism Understanding Day 2024. Together we can all create a more inclusive and autism-friendly world.

Did you know that an estimated 1 in 40 people living in Australia are on the autism spectrum? That is nearly 675,000 people – of all ages, backgrounds and genders!

And while this is a great fact that might make you more aware of the prevalence of autism – what does it actually tell you about those people?

Does it help you to understand them? Does it help you to appreciate their experiences as they navigate through life?

Pop culture has played a huge role over the past decades in helping to make us all more ‘aware’ of the concept of autism. Unfortunately, it has not necessarily helped in making us more understanding of Autistic people - who still face unemployment rates of around 30% and are four times more likely to experience depression over the course of their lives than their non-Autistic peers!

This year, let’s move beyond awareness, myths and stereotypes, and create understanding and acceptance. How can you help? Through knowledge, actions and words!

Help us to create more understanding!

If you would like to help us spread greater understanding and acceptance of autism and Autistic people this World Autism Understanding Day, Tuesday 2 April, here is how you can get involved:

Speech Bubble

Change your language! Read about how Autistic people describe autism, identity-first language and what you can say to support a person on the autism spectrum.


Share our messaging! Aspect has created some supporting resources for our partners, organisations and individuals to share. Download our #WAUD2024 posters or share our social media posts. We’ve also created 2 digital meeting backgrounds you can download.


Deepen your understanding and appreciation of autism and Autistic people by visiting our WAUD 2024 page and reviewing our factsheets, reading some stories written by Autistic adults about their experiences, watching a video or listening to a podcast.


Hold a community event about autism or provide staff training. Our workshops and online webinars are part of our national initiative to improve the lives of people on the autism spectrum, and are available throughout the year! In order to tailor a workshop to your specific needs, please complete our form to get a quote. Or purchase an Aspect Webinar for staff training. These recorded sessions provide practical, real world strategies on a series of common topic, and are developed by our qualified therapists.


Create an autism inclusive environment at your organisation. We can be more inclusive for people on the autism spectrum with a greater understanding of neurodiversity, and by making a few simple changes. Get a quote from our Autism Friendly Team and read the autism friendly tips.


Adopt the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme at your workplace, to help people with hidden disabilities like autism, become more visible!


Get healthy for a cause. You can walk solo or in a team and every step you take, along with every dollar you raise, will help create an autism-friendly world. Registration is open now. Sign up here.

Register your support and download WAUD 2024 Resources

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